Reshaping the present and the future of healthcare, technology and digital are some of the most crucial and indispensable pillars. The ongoing pandemic has brought the global healthcare industry on the brink of reimagining, realigning, and repurposing the way in which ‘care’ is delivered. Additionally, increasing health awareness and conveniently available medical information has given rise to on-demand healthcare. The factors stated below clearly elucidate the need of the hour, that of the healthcare industry to adopt digital marketing quickly and more aggressively.

1. Big data and data analytics: The growing volumes of patient data is a storehouse of information and insights that can enable healthcare providers to channelize their strategies and positively affect the ultimate outcome, ‘patient care.’ Some of the benefits include:
• Reduced rate of medication errors
• Facilitating preventive care
• More accurate staffing.
• Better upselling and cross-selling services
• Holistic patient journey

2. The convenience of on-demand services: has cut across industry lines, and the importance of intuitive technologies can also be felt within the healthcare sector. Emerging platforms and novel buying experiences have made many healthcare providers wake up and tap into the potential of digital.

3. The growth of predictive healthcare: is one of the critical areas where care providers can really transform ‘patient experience’. By recognizing and leveraging newer forms of marketing and understanding patient behavior, care providers can connect with their customers more effectively. Some of the ways in which hospitals can use latest digital technologies include:

• Offering lifestyle recommendations
• Symptom checker
• Chronic disease management

4. Consumers, the major reason behind digital disruption: in the healthcare industry or any other for that matter. Per a research, 84% of patients use both offline and online sources for healthcare research. Also, digital content plays a pivotal role for scheduling and appointment. Hence, the tasks of educating and communicating with prospective patients, and that of branding are performed successfully through adoption of digital marketing.

For healthcare providers to engage with their target audience, remain relevant and ensure success, they must take advantage of digital marketing.

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