Digital Marketing

Data backed digital marketing strategies for scalability, success and continual productivity.

Breakthrough your growth plateaus and experience a substantial ROI through our superior and scalable digital marketing services.

We help you at every stage of your brand’s life-cycle. This includes:

  • – Attracting new audience and building brand awareness
  • – Nurturing leads and creating human connections 
  • – Converting customers and driving revenue 

Our team is a creative powerhouse of thinkers and strategists offering innovative modern-day solutions backed by intelligent research and analysis.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Acing the SEO game no longer requires ‘keyword stuffing’ and a really ‘high keyword density’. Latest practices vis-a-vis driving traffic to your website isn’t just about cramming all the right keywords, but about the quality, quantity and distribution of content.


A compilation of several activities, the present-day Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) calls for a consistent and a well-rounded strategy. At Cube Digitech, we offer you a dedicated team of web and SEO professionals to get your website at the top of search engine rankings.

Google AdWords/PPC


One of the most effective ways of driving traffic and quality leads to your website, Cube Digitech’s Google AdWords/Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns assist clients manage their goals in a systematic manner. Our PPC management services cover ad platforms like Google AdWords (Search & Display Network, Google Shopping, YouTube advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter ads, and remarketing/retargeting (across search engines and social platforms).


Cube Digitech’s PPC management performs the following tasks as a part of monthly management:

  • – Assign a dedicated account manager
  • – Ad placement and targeting adjustments
  • – Bid management
  • – Geo-targeting improvements
  • – Ad copy optimization and testing
  • – Landing page performance review
  • – Keyword management
  • – Cost and performance analysis
  • – Check in calls/meetings
  • – Monthly campaign performance report

Content Marketing

The field of marketing has evolved leaps and bounds. From traditional marketing to marketing online, the need of the hour is to embrace and practice latest tactics or less you lose out on a significant share of the target audience. While managing a website and social media platforms simultaneously may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be!

This is where content marketing steps in. The process of creating, publishing and distributing content/collaterals with a prime focus of increasing brand awareness, enhancing search engine rankings and producing a fair amount of audience interest, content marketing is a strategy that has nurturing leads and enabling sales at the very heart.

Every enterprise is unique and so are their content needs. Irrespective of the content being created, it is the user experience that is most important. Hence, evolving tech tactics such as software, plugins, dashboards, integrations and analytics become critical in order to offer a stellar and seamless customer experience. Cube Digitech assists various businesses in their digital marketing processes via the use of content marketing tools. With this, we make marketing more granular, more effective and more engaging with the end result being sales.

Social Media Marketing 

Today’s consumer can be found shopping more online than offline, why not tap into his/her attention with social media marketing? One of the most promising and interesting ways to market your brand, product or service, Cube Digitech assists businesses who want to leverage the power of social media to grow their business. We help you build your channels, brand your platforms and create compelling content.


A sure shot way of driving leads and creating engagement, a successful social media strategy comprises putting out quality content and having a website with a strong call-to-action (CTA) and conversion strategy.

At Cube Digitech, we walk our talk when we say we differ from other social media marketing firms. Our team of experts offer every client a solid, metric-driven analysis, tracking and measurable ROI, and customized content creation strategies that both drive and boost clicks to your site.

Adept at creating social media marketing strategies for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., we also offer social media consulting. Our other services include:

  • – Content & digital marketing
  • – Short-form copywriting
  • – Social media retainer
  • – Robust reporting and analysis

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a critical aspect of every content and digital marketing strategy.

Cube Digitech develops, builds and manages branded email blasts to your prospects and clients. Trying to clutter-bust your client’s and prospect’s email inbox takes great content, catchy headlines and enticing graphics. At Cube Digitech, we possess the expertise in creating HTML-based emails with subject lines that convert. We are email marketing consultants and pride ourselves on the metrics that prove our worth.


Our team has been consistently achieving above average open rates, click-throughs and can even help build your subscription-based email list. We deploy the latest email marketing strategies that breathe life into campaigns and create optimum engagement.

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