Understand your customer’s digital sentiments, attitudes and behaviors better!

Having a smart website in place is just the tip of the iceberg. In order to build continual value and trust, brands need to understand their customers’ online journey. Tracking and analysing customers’ behavior, expectations, experience and sentiments is critical if brands want to engage better with their customers. Additionally, availability of offline and online data empowers brands in creating stronger customer acquisition efforts.

Cube Digitech’s dedicated team of web and social media analysts have strong experience in the digital analytics domain for a variety of platforms and devices. Enabling clients with a robust tracking strategy, we assist them in comprehending a visitor’s journey and develop advanced analytical models for personalization and real-time targeting. We also work in close partnership with our clients in designing and developing digital strategies across channels.

Our digital analytics services include:


Website reporting services: 


  • – Improve ROI on marketing spends
  • – Increase business profitability and assist leaders in the decision making process
  • – Map the entire CX journey and comprehensive data based outcomes of existing media investments
  • – Traffic analysis
  • – Tracking of visits and visit patterns of potential customers
  • – Capturing metrics like visitor profiles, unique visitors, return visitor, visits/sessions details, product search, visit per session, page view, bounce rate
  • – Identifying potential sale geographies and customers
  • – Tracking of visitor behaviour patterns on a webpage
  • – Preloading data layers with user/e-commerce data
  • – Statistical hypothesis of data
  • – Mathematical modelling of data


Web analytics services:


  • – Segmentation & identification of authentic and inauthentic visitors
  • – A/B testing
  • – Path and conversion analysis
  • – Pattern recognition (via analysis of visitors/customers)
  • – Campaign effectiveness, personalization and real-time targeting


Social media analytics services: 


  • – Sentiment analysis
  • – Topic modeling
  • – Support for social KPIs for different platforms
  • – Social listening
  • – Social monitoring

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