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Cube-Digitech creates quality data analytics in order to augment precise and fit-for- purpose solutions for professionals such as architects, engineers, city planners, and construction specialists. Our experts work with a variety of technologies, deploy and oversee several automated and on-site quality checks to ensure unparalleled accuracy. Keeping relevant industry standards at the base of every project, Cube Digitech ensures that all services are provided in the
utmost professional manner and are error-free.

Geospatial Services

Cube-Digitech’s geospatial services encompass a wide range of areas. Our experts with their comprehensive domain knowledge and backed by years of industry experience understand every project in detail before rendering customized solutions. From generating 2D or 3D drawings, area survey plans, 3D models, floor plans, conceptual design, we can do it all for you. Our expertise in utilizing LiDAR data from terrestrial, mobile or airborne platform and converting them into accurate reports is indisputable.

We undertake tasks pertaining to following areas:

Plainmetric mapping services: For quicker capturing of natural as well as man-made features.

Topographic mapping services: for updated and accurate topographic maps.

Terrain modeling services: for precise terrain modeling at a faster turnaround time.

Photogrammetric services: offered through specialized aerotriangulation methods.

Orthophoto production services: for high quality maps and GIS information.

LiDAR mapping services: for high-resolution terrain models.

GIS surveying services: for professional GIS data management.

Digital elevation modeling services: for accurate elevation images for a variety of business needs.

Cube Digitech has successfully conducted geospatial analysis for several clients. Our geospatial experts have necessary skill as well as experience in handling various geological mapping of varied kind. Specific requirements are closely studied and offered an appropriate and precise solution. Delivering results backed by detailed analysis and advanced technologies remains our endeavor. With latest infrastructure in place, Cube Digitech’s experts are adept at handling high volumes of imaging services at fast turnaround times.

Engineering Services

Cube-Digitech is at the forefront when it comes to offering cutting edge technology and software expertise. With demands in domains like civil and infrastructure development set to rise, our tailor-made services are here to provide you efficiency that you may have been searching for.

Cube Digitech comprises a team of highly qualified remote sensing engineering professionals with exhaustive domain knowledge and years of experience, delivering on a consistent basis. The company has developed several processes and algorithms to semi-automate the process of LiDAR classification to extract solutions with precision and speed.

Various tools have been used to undertake quality checks just to aim at high quality output. Cube Digitech offers a wide range of services using remotes sensing and GIS techniques aided with limited as well as detailed fieldwork.

We undertake complex tasks pertaining to a vast variety of service areas including, paper to CAD conversion, detailed analysis of inventory of all municipal assets, generation of preliminary construction drawings, generation of detailed site survey plans, deriving construction information from models, checking attributes and tag assets with geospatial location, and feasibility study.

Other areas served include utility mapping and inspection, easy detection of encroachment, generating hydrologic and hydraulics information, road and pavement maintenance program, creation of coordinated, digital design information and documentation, visualization & simulation, and performance analysis, appearance and cost, and much more.

Our surveyors work with a comprehensive approach when it comes to utilizing advanced software and geographic information system (GIS) technologies to collect new information, update existing information, analyze data, manage projects efficiently, etc.

Surveying Services

Cube-Digitech’s engineering and surveying Team utilizes leading edge state of the art equipment and smart processes to cost-effectively collect data in multifaceted environment. The surveying team owns and operates technologically advanced products like dual frequency GNSS receivers, automated 3D robotic total stations, highly precise digital levels, state of the art data collectors, long range communication devices and LiDAR scanners.

The company’s combination of experienced personnel, survey equipment, and computer resources enable the precise tailoring of each surveying & mapping project’s approach. Our in-house capabilities in GPS surveying, aero triangulation, stereo-compilation, LiDAR classification, and GIS allow for a completely integrated team under a single project manager.

The various surveying services offered by Cube-Digitech includes, cadastral survey, terrestrial LiDAR survey, mobile LiDAR survey, aerial LiDAR Survey, aerial photogrammetry, bathymetry survey, utility mapping, and more.

  1. Architectural BIM Services
  2. Structural BIM Services
  3. BIM Coordination modeling
  4. MEP BIM Services
  5. Developing 3D Revit Model
  6. Scan to BIM Services
  7. CAD Services
  8. Family content creation
  9. Clash detection and coordination
  10. 10 Shop drawings
  11. 3D Modeling

CAD Services: We provide CAD services using AutoCAD, MicroStation, and ZWCAD software with almost 100% accuracy.

As a 2D & 3D CAD drafting and CAD Conversion Service provider, we serves a wide range of customers in the field of Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering by using the best, efficient and cost-effective technology and tools.

BIM Coordination Modeling: We produce virtual 3D MEP BIM models that can be used both for presentation and construction purposes. Our professionals make use of several materials and conditions like the design/development documentations, cut sheets and others to cultivate MEP BIM coordination models.

Clash Detection Services: We do our MEP clash detection solutions by utilizing Navisworks and Revit. We exposed the model and produce clash reports. Then we carry forward the clash resolution work and then generate comprehensive MEP BIM coordination models.

MEP BIM Coordination Drawings: After the completion of MEP BIM coordination procedure, our specialized professionals create MEP Shop Drawings from the ultimate BIM model. These shop drawings are exhaustive and have all layouts, plans, equipment and portions detailed and marked.

Shop Drawing: We create MEP shop drawing from single to double line diagram, identifying altitude and dimension. Our Coordination Drawings are arranged with colour code for stress-free elimination of clashes. We produce sheet metal or fabrication drawings for duct fabricator and contractors

Monitoring & Consulting Services

Cube-Digitech’s consistent real time monitoring solutions for engineering structures is based on extensive knowledge of industry standards, full- trained and equipped engineers, innovative services and backed by extensive domain experience. We offer high-quality solutions to all kinds of projects irrespective of their size and nature.

Our experts are adept at quickly deploying processes designed to detect any small changes in engineering structures such as dams, bridges, viaducts, high-rise, and tunnels etc. We monitor any small movement in real time and send alerts to appropriate stakeholders.

Cube Digitech’s monitoring professionals can detect movement caused by excavation, heavy construction piling to surface and structures around in the active area.

We take care of several aspects of a project and can offer assistance at any stage. From conceptual to detailed design and deployment phase, our endeavor is to offer quality work that is in tandem with international standards and provide the same with reduced downtime ensuring cost effectiveness.

Cube Digitech’s consulting team offers expertise in a variety of areas. We undertake projects pertaining to road and infrastructure development, asset & facilities management, disaster management and flood modeling, watershed management, power line and telecommunication design.

Working in close partnership with our clients, Cube Digitech strives to short the project lifecycle and offer improved performance value to it at any stage. Design visualization, design validation, cost estimation, scheduling, enterprise solutions are also some of the tasks that we offer expert solutions for to our customers at a very cost-effective price.

Scan-BIM-Design-Modeling Services

Accuracy in architecture is paramount. And, that’s exactly what Cube-Digitech offers. Error-free and sophisticated 3D BIM models, our professionals usestate-of- the-art technology to convert point cloud and laser survey data.

Our scan-to- BIM modeling services assist numerous sectors, including architects, retailers and main contractors wherever architectural and structural building elements are concerned.

Cube Digitech also provides MEP scan-to- BIM services to consulting engineers, MEP designers and MEP contractors.

We utilize point cloud modeling service in order to create accurate models for as-built purposes as well as for retrofit, refurbishment and renovation projects.The same scan-to- BIM models are also used for new buildings as well.

Cube Digitech’s expertise lies in offering bespoke BIM models in Revit Architecture and Revit MEP. These are created through using laser point cloud data given to us directly or collected by our professionals.

We work with both calibrated and non-calibrated data and our expertise and experience in BIM modeling offers solutions that can be used by the entire design chain.

Using a range of specialist software tools, Cube Digitech creates accurate architectural and MEP models.

Our professional scan-to- BIM modeling service is a modern and advanced tool as compared to traditional methods of survey. It offers detailed surveys of an existing-condition building and recommends renovations accordingly. We incorporate several current building elements including ceilings, internal walls, external landscape elements, MEP fittings, beams, and columns.

Apart from offering latest surveys, our 3D scan-to- BIM modeling services also provide information such as condition and costs, construction materials.

Integrated process built on coordinated, reliable information about a project life cycle, from design through construction and operations, we are your partner in creating a BIM structure.

Our services also include, building measurement (floor plans, elevations etc.), historical restoration, ceiling plans, 3D modeling and virtual reality walkthroughs, construction sites, mechanical and piping layouts, streetscapes & urban planning, object reverse engineering, clash detection, reverse engineering, etc.


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